Monday, September 21, 2009

Capes on Skates

The kickoff for student ministry this year was a super-hero themed skating party at Haygood Skate Center. The Magee family showed up as "The Incredibles" and Harper was quite a hit. I didn't trust myself to hold her while in skates, so she didn't take a trip around the rink. She did however get to do 4 things she loves: 1 - eat 2 - sleep 3 - look at shiny things (capes) and 4 - attract all kinds of attention. We were there for a pretty late night, but Harper was fantastic and just smiled and laughed the whole time!

Some superhero skaters

"The Great Dane" (Spring Branch's current intern - from Denmark)

"Physics Man" - he had all kinds of physics equations written on his shirt, very clever

"Quailman" - a flashback to a 90s cartoon

"The Incredibles"

A very sleepy Jack-Jack