Monday, September 21, 2009

Capes on Skates

The kickoff for student ministry this year was a super-hero themed skating party at Haygood Skate Center. The Magee family showed up as "The Incredibles" and Harper was quite a hit. I didn't trust myself to hold her while in skates, so she didn't take a trip around the rink. She did however get to do 4 things she loves: 1 - eat 2 - sleep 3 - look at shiny things (capes) and 4 - attract all kinds of attention. We were there for a pretty late night, but Harper was fantastic and just smiled and laughed the whole time!

Some superhero skaters

"The Great Dane" (Spring Branch's current intern - from Denmark)

"Physics Man" - he had all kinds of physics equations written on his shirt, very clever

"Quailman" - a flashback to a 90s cartoon

"The Incredibles"

A very sleepy Jack-Jack

First Family Vacation

Harper (and Kevin and I) got to spend the week in the Outer Banks with my family at the end of August. We had a fabulous time!! We had a small house for 8 people, but it was on the beach and that made the close quarters very much worth it. A typical day involved a sunrise breakfast (for Harper) on the rooftop deck followed by a little playtime inside while the water in the baby pool warmed up. Then, she usually spent 30-45 minutes each morning on the deck or beach in her pool, and then it was time to eat again and take a long afternoon nap.

Her great-grandparents were better than great and stayed at the house with her each afternoon while she took a nap so Kevin and I could both enjoy the beach. Then we either went out to eat or cooked a great meal in, took a walk on the beach, and it was time for bed! Sounds pretty uneventful now that I'm writing it, but it's just what all three of us needed after a busy couple of weeks.

Here are some pictures from the week:

Harper wasn't entertained that we were making her pose for photos on a bright pink, oversized adirondack chair. Harper, when you read this someday, please know it was your Grandma's idea.

One of our evening walks on the beach

This was one of Bailey's many evening swims. She got so much exercise this week she slept for almost the entire next week at home.

Harper in her bumbo in the pool

Bailey: Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
Harper: Mitts Off puppy

Bailey's probably lookin' for some spit-up in this shot. Oh how beautiful a family we have :)

Both faces are priceless in this one

Watch out Tyra, Harper has quite a portfolio

Harper's set-up on the beach. By the time the camera defogged from the humidity, she decided she was done in the pool, so this is all ya get.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Catch Up

Well, once again, I haven't kept up with this, so I have decided this afternoon will be "Catch Up" day. Since the last time I wrote we have done many things, so let's start at the beginning! First are some pictures from our trip to West Virginia for my cousins wedding. (I retrieved them from my parents camera when we were at the beach--stories to follow in a later blog).

This is what happens when Grandma plays with Harper's hair.

Harper's baths in the sink. This actually was her last real sink bath, as she's now in her bumbo seat in the tub.

Harper and Amanda at Traci's house. She spit up on Amanda and it went down her dress all the way to her ankle. She's still happy to be holding her :) - I have great friends!

Harper and Traci. She hosted a "Welcome back Amanda and Aaron and Welcome to the World Harper" dinner. We ate cheese from France and had a great time seeing each other!!

This was Harper's little nook in the bedroom. She fit so nicely!

Just waking up from her nap! :)

So there's our WV trip in pictures. I'll add another entry soon!