Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blogging takes a backseat

I'm struggling finding time to do much of anything, especially write on this blog, and I figure, who is reading this that doesn't already know what's happening? On the chance that I'm wrong, and the fact that Harper has taken two 5 hour naps in the past two days, I will keep this up when I get a moment.

Harper is doing great. She's sleeping like a champ, sitting up by herself, playing with everything and reaching for everything she isn't supposed to play with. Kevin told me the other day, "I was playing with Harper yesterday and realized after she had been crinkling a plastic bag for a few minutes that babies probably shouldn't play with plastic bags"--at least she wasn't playing with it unsupervised, right?? She's getting close to crawling, but doesn't seem real motivated, she'll get herself up on all fours, look around, look down and see her hand, then just fall over and start sucking her thumb and smiling. I have to admit, I'm ok with it. She's so interested in EVERYTHING within reach right now that I know when she does crawl we will have some MAJOR childproofing to do.

At her six month doctors appointment she weighed a little over 17 pounds and was about 27 inches long. I would guess now she's around 18.5 and who knows how long. She's such a great little girl. She LOVES our dog Bailey and just squeals anytime she comes into the room. She is starting to realize who strangers are and she will cry a little when she's in arms she doesn't recognize, but quickly warms up to them and gives them the same smiles and giggles she gives to Kevin and me. Bath time is one of her favorite parts of the day (or week depending on how busy we are), and she loves to splash and play with her duck and letters.

Since my last post, we've been to way too many places to talk about, Harper had her first mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving, a dedication ceremony at the church, and picked out her first Christmas Tree.

She also got to spend an evening with quite a few friends. Willis and Amy were in town with Henry (he and Harper share a birthday). So, Woody and Justine invited us and the Bradshaws over for pizza. We piled all the kids on the couch for a picture, and it actually didn't turn out as poorly as we all envisioned.

From the left: Emerson (6.5 months), Zoe (2 years), Lily (4 months), Luke (5 years), Harper, and Henry (both 7.5 months)

Then the all the babies had a little "double date" time.

Harper has also discovered her "Jumperoo" and is slowly figuring out all the fun it holds. She doesn't quite jump yet, but laughs and laughs as she wiggles around and swings back and forth in it. We put her cowboy hat (from Halloween) on her one evening and she learned how to take it off and on - which proved to be more fun than the actual Jumperoo. Oh the simple joys of life!!