Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Hurrah

We spent our last weekend before I started back at work in Charlotte, NC visiting Kevin's brother and his family. Patrick and Tricia had a little girl in January, so she is about four months older than Harper. It was so fun to visit with them and see how much Anne Louise has grown!! Harper really enjoyed meeting her cousin, as you can see by her enthusiasm in these pictures!

Shortly after we got there and the babies had a chance to get acquainted we had a delicious dinner and just laid low on Friday night. Anne Louise was offering to share her napkin with Harper, who was more interested in the flash of the camera. Thanks anyway, cuz.

Saturday we spent the afternoon on Patrick and Tricia's boat on Lake Norman. Harper wasn't completely thrilled to have to wear such a cool life jacket, but she got used to it pretty quickly and once the boat started moving calmed down easily. Both babies took a nap on the boat and the rest of us spent time swimming and enjoying the beautiful day.

When Harper woke up we thought we'd try her in the lake. Since they don't make swim diapers or bathing suits small enough for her, she went in redneck style--diaper and sunhat. She cried a little at first but then got used to the water and actually smiled a couple of times. Eventually the diaper filled up with so much water it was getting way too tight, so she went au natural the last few minutes of her swim, which I'm sure she enjoyed knowing how much she LOVES to be nekkid.

Saturday night Tricia's sister Caroline watched the girls (she's a SAINT) and the four of us went to The Melting Pot for a little restaurant week dinner. The food was great and the company was even better! Unfortunately Patrick started to come down with a cold/sinus infection towards the end of the evening and wasn't feeling to great the rest of our trip.

 So Sunday we just hung around the house and had a little photo shoot of the cousins in their matching outfits (courtesy of Tricia).

On the way home we met up with one of my best friends. Heather and I have known each other since the fourth grade and she was one of my maids of honor in our wedding. Harper loved her (as you can see), but Heather had to go back to work so we had to make sure she was fully protected from Harper's typical spit-up routine. We had a great lunch and I know we will have many more times with her!! :)

     Today was my first day back at work and Harper's first day at Ms. Sally's. I had a great day at work and running some errands (sans baby), and Sally said Harper did just great! Two naps, two bottles, and two poops--it doesn't get much better than that folks.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I should post more often

After writing this, I realize I should post more often so I don't end up writing a novel. I will try harder next time, until then, a novel is what you get!  

Harper is doing great! We went to the doctor for her two month check-up and immunizations last Tuesday and the pediatrician told us she was perfect! She weights 10 lbs. 7 oz now and is 22 inches long. This means she's in the 37% for weight and 39% for height to which the doctor said, "Can't get much closer." So she's growing well. She did great with the shots too. She got three different ones and was quite a trooper. Of course she screamed, but she calmed down pretty quickly and honestly has cried louder when she's hungry or just overtired and cranky. Hopefully this trend of being a tough girl continues!

She's getting close to sleeping through the night. She goes to bed around 9 or 10 and still wakes up around 3am or so, but now only needs a quick (maybe 5 minute) pat on the back and her pacifier back in her mouth and she'll sleep again until around 6, when I'll feed her. She then goes back to sleep for a few more hours, usually waking up for the day around 9 or 10am. She has finally started to nap in the afternoon as well. This didn't happen until she was about 7 weeks old, but I think these 3 hour afternoon naps are FANTASTIC!

She is getting much more interested in her surroundings. She loves to lay on the playmat and look at her animals, and she is really beginning to enjoy her mobile. Now when she hears the clicking of the dial I turn to make it run, she begins to smile and even giggle some. She loves to talk and woke me up the other morning babbling to herself. I almost went to get her, but wanted to see how long she would go on until she started to fuss. This monologue lasted about 30 minutes before the crying started and I went in to get her. When I leaned over her crib and she saw my face she began to smile and coo. This was definitely the most pleasant way I have woken up in atleast about 11 months.

Kevin's birthday was June 21st and fell on his first Father's Day. We had a great celebration of the day at Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Pete's house. We continued the birthday celebration a week and a half later with Tommy, Ruthie, Andrew, and Natalie on the Werwath's boat for a sunset cruise and dinner at Chick's while Harper spent the evening with Kevin's Mom.

At the end of June, we took a little vacation to Deep Creek, MD for a family reunion on my side. Harper loved meeting the rest of the family and spent a lot of quality time with her Grandma and Granddad. She even had the audacity to poop all over Granddad. This has happened to me numerous times so I am pretty unfazed, however, I hear my father was not quite as easy going. I happened to be in the shower and didn't get to witness the event, but if you know either of my parents, I'm sure you can picture how it all unfolded. I imagine it was something like this: 

              Jackie: HAHAHA 
              Jeff:Quit laughing and get me something to get this off!
              Jackie: (More uncontrollable laughter)
              Jeff: Seriously, this is ONLY pair of shorts I have
              Jackie: (laughing, tears, and probably darting to the bathroom from laughing too hard)

This was Harper being eaten by a whale at the playground at UNO's Pizza.

I remember playing on this elephant when I was little, so I couldn't resist the picture!

This was after our family dinner on Saturday night.

Harper had an eventful first fourth of July weekend. She got to meet her cousin Ashley and had her first pool experience at the condo where Ash was staying. Let's just say, she was much more fond of Ashley than she was of the pool. 

This is Harper modeling her new BEAUTIFUL dress from Aunt Leslie. She, Ash, and Martha just got back from Puerto Rico, and brought this with them. She's got to grow into it a little, but it's sooooo pretty and I can't wait for her to wear it for something special!

On the fourth, we spent the majority of the day at home, but headed out in the evening for dinner and fireworks on the beach. We were far enough away to see all of the fireworks from various streets, but able to still hear the ocean in the background. Harper stayed awake for the fireworks and was wide-eyed as the colors unfolded in the sky above her. After they were over Harper fell sound asleep and Kevin and I spent some time just talking on the beach--a great end to a great weekend!

Kevin headed out on Sunday morning for the Jeremiah project and he will be spending a week with 15 middle school students repairing houses for people in Winchester, VA. It was very strange for him to go without me (I've been going on these trips as long as he has), but Harper and I are getting along just fine.