Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long Time No Post

Well, clearly I've been pretty horrible at updating this thing. I think everyone knows this through emails, phone calls, facebook, etc., but if not, Harper has arrived (three weeks ago)!! Everything went very well. I went to the hospital at 7:30am Thursday, April 30th. They broke my water at 8:00am, and (sparing the details) Harper arrived a healthy 8 lbs. 2 oz at 5:51pm. 

Kevin, Harper, and I are all doing well. We're getting a fair amount of sleep, and overall she's a happy easy-going little girl (though she has her dramatic moments). We have an another appointment with the pediatrician on Thursday to recheck her weight, but so far he feels like she's perfect (and I would agree)! We've had many visitors and gifts and wonderful time with family in the last few weeks, and to sum it up I'll post a few pics.

This was shortly after she was born 

All snuggled up tight - This lasted for all of 2 days. . .now she busts out of any swaddle we put her in - even the kind that has velcro to hold it shut.

Right after she got home from the hospital. She looks so chubby in this!

Kevin and Harper taking a nap in the sun. She had to take daily sunbaths to help get rid of some jaundice. She doesn't look like she minds it much :)

This was her first real bath. You can see it was quite traumatic for her! She's gotten used to them since then, and now only cries when we take her out of the water.