Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nothin' New

Well, it's been awhile since I posted on here, but we really don't have much new news to share (which we're both so thankful for!). I had an appointment a week ago, and all is still well and the same.

Dewey has become quite an acrobat, especially when I'm trying to sleep. Dewey weighs 3 lbs. 1 oz. now and according to the sonographer, the fluid and blood flow between us is perfect. I don't have another appointment until March 3rd, and that will start my bi-weekly non-stress tests. I will post more about that once I experience one, but from what I am told, I go to the dr. and lie on my side while they listen to Dewey's heartbeat for 30min. to an hour. Not the most fun thing to do twice a week for the next 2 months, but it's not like my schedule is boasting any other options! I suppose it's either lie there and listen to Dewey or lie and home and watch TV (which has lost its' appeal most of the time).

We did start childbirth education classes yesterday. Woody and Justine are in the same class with us, which makes it more fun! The instructor is interesting. She's a nurse and definitely has experience and knows some useful info, but she's VERY passionate about her theories on childbirth. To sum her up: she doesn't think anyone needs drugs, very few need C-sections, and ultimately isn't crazy about the idea of hospitals. Soooo, she's a little on the other side of the spectrum from Kevin and I, but we'll learn what we need to learn, and have a good laugh after class at all of her crazy unassisted homebirth stories. AHHH!

We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers, and can't wait for each of you to meet Dewey when he/she arrives! I enjoy reading your comments, so feel free to leave them if you wish!!