Friday, January 15, 2010

All I want for Christmas. . .

Two front teeth!! That's right, Harper got them. Sure, it was a couple days after Christmas and they're on the bottom rather than the top, but this has introduced a whole new world of food to her. She now LOVES bananas, carrots, peas, and other sorts of mashable goodness that does not come pre-chewed. We're certainly moving up in the world!

As for Christmas, it was great! We spent Christmas Eve and day here (due to some bad weather), and then spent a week plus a few extra days (again the weather) in WV. We went skiing, played in the snow, opened presents, and really just spent time together. Harper loved all of her gifts and we did take some pictures. Here are a few, but they are all on my picasa site if you're interested!
Harper is in awe of her magical cookie jar from Grandi.

Her first teddy from my grandparents.

Playing in her Grandad's boots.

Lounging with Bailey during the Gator Bowl. You can tell this is near the end of the week because Bailey is calmly sleeping on a dogbed. One benefit of having 3 other labs around is that she gets VERY tired and manageable!

Harper is (as usual) growing like crazy and doing new things daily. She is almost crawling and finding other ways to get around until she gets the hang of it. Most days you can set her in one place and by the time you turn around sit down, she's in a completely different location, so I'm not sure how she's getting there, but she's managing to roll around and sit back up all on her own.