Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time Flies

Although time seems to go slow in the moment, looking back I can't believe Harper is already 5+ weeks old! The past couple weeks have been moving right along! She is doing really well. Her last visit to the pediatrician was on May 28th (4 weeks old) and she weighed 8 lbs. 10 oz. She had gained 13 oz in 13 days, and the doctor said that was great! So, we don't have to go back until she's two months old--which is only in 2 and a half weeks! We've been out and about running errands, going grocery shopping, etc., but when we're home she's been spending time checking out the world from her playmat, her bouncer, rocking chair, or in her favorite place--my arms. She definitely enjoys being held above all else, but is tolerating time on her own more and more.

It's hard to tell if she's laughing or screaming in the picture, but I promise she was laughing! Well, as much as 5 week olds laugh. She was more squealing with a HUGE smile on her face! Thankfully, she and Bailey are still getting along great.

Bathtime is much more enjoyable now. Usually she just looks around, but occasionally we'll get a smile or two.

Last Friday a few of my high school senior girls graduated! Norfolk Academy and Norfolk Christian had their graduations May 29th, and Kevin, Harper, and I went to both. This is Crystal who graduated from Norfolk Academy.

It was a busy day, but Harper did fantastic, and it was great to be there and see these girls! This is Kim and Kristen. They both graduated from Norfolk Christian along with Megan and Emily.

Harper also got to meet her new best friend. Our really good friends Woody and Justine had a little boy, Emerson James Woodward, on Thursday June 4th. Emerson and Harper will be going to the same daycare and I'm sure one day will fall in love and get married--maybe ;).

Today, we took a trip to the beach. Harper had been before for a walk, but not for a full afternoon of fun like this. My friend Meshell gave us this sundome, and it's great! It definitely made the trip more enjoyable for all of us.

She wasn't crazy about the water, but I think what we've learned from bathtime is that it takes Harper a little while to get used to things. I'm sure she'll be surfing before summer is over!