Thursday, March 19, 2009

No Stress and Showers!!

      All the Dr's appointments have been going well the past couple of weeks. The non-stress tests look fine (although I have to move the monitor around on my belly because Dewey moves so much), and the ultrasound we had last Friday looked great. They are estimating that Dewey weighs a whopping 5 lbs. 5 oz. as of last week--apparently that's pretty big for right now. So, if there was any concern that not enough nutrients/oxygen/growing stuff was getting to him/her, those are no longer concerns. Kevin and I were both larger babies so it doesn't surprise the doctor that Dewey could also be large.    

This is a 3D pic from the last ultrasound. Still a little strange, but not as creepy as the last ones.
      We've had a couple baby showers thrown for us since I posted last. Our friend Perrin threw the first one at the Werwath's house and included a lot of our friends from church. We received sooooo many wonderful things, and had a great time celebrating baby Dewey. 

I find this funny now. I'm sure I will not when Dewey has been fed and still no one sleeps.

This cake was DELICIOUS. Thanks Sugar Plum!! (and Perrin!!)

This gift definitely takes the prize for most creative. Joyce took all of these things (onesies, burp cloths, booties, etc), and hung them on a clothesline with clothespins. So many wonderful, necessary things, wrapped up in such a cute way. It was really fun pulling it all out of the bag!!

      There was another shower at the church (thrown by some friends we lead with) and it was open to all high school and middle school students and their families. Kevin and I were both at this one, and it was soo fun!!! Dewey received some great gifts--lots of blankets that are so soft--and the students played a game to help name him/her. There were some interesting suggestions, but fortunately (for Dewey) Kevin and I have already chosen a couple names.

Amber (and Matt) made this cute diaper cake!

All the great gifts from our students and their families.

The perfect end, to a perfect shower: A CAKE EATING CONTEST!

      We've started working on the nursery some, and we have another shower this weekend, so I'll try to post pictures from that soon! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!!