Friday, October 2, 2009

A Fantastic Five Months

Harper is 5 months old! She is growing like crazy (15 pounds, 26 inches already!) and making us laugh daily. Her new favorite thing is to stick her tongue out and blow bubbles (aka spit) all over you. She will do that a few times and hear the noise and then laugh and laugh. She really cracks herself up. She also continues to love admiring herself in the mirror above her carseat, squealing to anyone that will listen, and she LOVES the song the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Maybe someday we'll upload a video of her reaction to it.

Our good friend Taylor-Mary bought this onesie from Calvin College where she just started, and Harper looks adorable in it (I think anyway).

Harper has also graduated out of the carseat while she is in her stroller. I know she looks less than thrilled here, but she seems to really like this new perspective once we start moving--probably because she can now see something other than my double chin. :)

This was one evening at the park. She wasn't to crazy about the swing with me, but LOVED the one on her own!

It seems like she is starting to get a tooth. She typically sleeps all night without a peep, but a few times in the past couple weeks has woken up screaming 4 or 5 times a night, and I'm starting to see a little something on her bottom gumline. Hopefully that is the extent of her "fussiness" during teething, and we'll see one soon!